I have often, throughout the years I have been committed to a healthy diet and hard workouts, heard numerous comments like "why do you bother spending so much time in the kitchen, just order a pizza" or "why don't you ever just want to enjoy the GOOD things in life", obviously talking about food. Let me get this straight: it is not that I don't like or want pizza.. or candy.. or popcorn, or ice cream or god knows what sometimes, but I made a choice not to eat it every day. And anyways, what are exactly the "good things in life" when it comes to food? For me a good soup or fish dish can be equally as satisfying as a pizza or a burger, strawberries makes me just as happy as Haribo, and yes - sometimes I do choose normal ice cream bought in the shop in front of a home made banana ice cream, not because I don't like home made banana ice cream, but because sometimes I do actually treat myself with just what I want in order to keep my mind balanced. However, I do normally not eat this "treat food" during the weekdays, and during the weekdays is an important point. Because noone ever said that I am not treating myself with some of the so called "good things in life" during the weekends, like today for example: I ate a big bowl of ice cream and I really enjoyed it. But just because I don't want to eat candy, ice cream and pasta every day, does that make me the weird one? Sometimes I am not even questioning why I got overweight in the first place, because this way of eating seems to be more normal and harder to get away from than I would like to admit. And I am happy for the people with such a good burning system making them capable of eating what ever they want, when they want, but unfortnately this is not working for me. I gain weight, and I gain it fast. 

I have tried everything there is to loose weight. Diets, soup for weeks, eating close to nothing, eating a lot, eating low calories, eating low carb, you name it - I have tried it. But I figured out that the best way have just been the most balanced way: eat healthy, low carb, low fat products during weekdays and let a little more loose during weekends - but do not go crazy either way. I eat when I am hungry, I eat to I get full, but I eat the right food. I treat myself when I really feel the need to (do I even need to mention the struggles from this famous monthly week), but I do not overdo. I have found healthy options that I am truly satisfied with and sometimes I just don't give a fuck. The bottom line is; yes, I do enjoy pizza from time to time, it is in fact my favourite dish. I do eat ice cream, and I do sometimes eat candy and crisps if I want to. But I stick to weekends and I do not go crazy bananas, because as my momma said: everything, even water, is unhealthy when it is over exaggerated.

Life is to short to not enjoy an ice cream, but don't shorten your life by eating a box of ice cream every day. With that said; have a nice Easter and treat yourself with those easter treats! But maybe take the stairs instead of the elevator, that's how I do it! Peace out ♥

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